Indoor Garden Hydroponic Growing System


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Ahopegarden indoor garden grows plants using hydroponics and LED lighting, resulting in a quick and easy growth procedure. Plants seeded in our hydroponics growing system develop up to three times quicker than plants produced traditionally. This indoor herb garden, which can accommodate four 20-inch plants, is an excellent choice for those who want to grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and other vegetables. It’s almost as much fun to watch greens grow from seeds as it is to eat them.

Our herb garden kit indoor LED grow lamp is equipped with all required light spectrum colors, including red and blue wavelengths, to replicate the sunshine plants require for best growing circumstances. Not only are the plants surviving and growing nicely, but their leaves and stems are also healthy and green. Growing herbs in this herb planter is much easier than growing them outside, and the herbs are larger and fresher!

This herbs growing kits also include a strong water pump that circulates nutrients in the water to the plant’s roots, allowing things to flow and keeping the water from becoming stale. The water pump runs softly, so it won’t bother you. The water level is seen through a clear window on the front. When water is required, it is obvious.
This is a little hydroponic garden. It’s ideal for settings with a small footprint, such as a kitchen counter. The form is appealing, with rounded corners that seem smart and modern. This hydro plant growth system’s height may be adjusted to accommodate plants at various stages of development. Plants can reach a height of 15.3 inches.

Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 17 cm
Item Weight: 0.98 kg


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