Greenhouse Hoops


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Large diameter hoops, suitable for 3.5′ or broader beds. Please select the proper material type for your bed to avoid it breaking or becoming too weak.

Large diameter 50 hoops, 17″ length, 40 connections, 32 clips are included. You may make your own grow tunnel by combining four or more hoops. You may also use the clips to secure the greenhouse covering.

Connect as many rods as you need using the connection. Bend it, and the hoops will be securely attached. Insert it into the soil, and the components may be utilized season after season.

High-quality fiberglass, high flexibility, green and healthy, never rusts, anti-oxidation, may be used for a long period.
Long-lasting and resistant. Designed for plant cover, frost protection cover, and greenhouse, they provide an excellent environment for speedy germination and growth of young plants.


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