Cedar Raised Garden Bed


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This Raised Garden Bed is made of solid cedar wood, which has a long lifespan, anti-corrosion properties, and weather resistance.

The Planter Box has a 6-cuFT bed space that is deep enough to let your verbs, plants, and vegetables to breathe and grow well.
It allows excess water to drain away, keeping the soil fresh and protecting plants and vegetables from waterlogging or mineral build-up.
The 30-inch height design prevents animals from interfering with plant growth, eliminates the need for bending or kneeling, protecting your back and knees, and separates wood from soil, keeping the Wooden Garden Planter Box in excellent condition.

  • Color: Gray
  • Assembled Product Weight: 14.36 kg
  • Material: Cedar wood
  • Size: 121.9 x 61 x 76.2 cm



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