InREQUIRED_FIELDS and want to allow creating an instance instead of entering the primary key of an existing instance. This section describes them grouped by their application.

  • This diagram shows how eight inputs to a lattice touchscreen or keypad creates 28 unique intersections, as opposed to 16 intersections created using a standard x/y multiplexed touchscreen .
  • Others have seen Intel Smart Sound Technology driver .
  • Windows 2000 keeps a backup copy of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System key that it uses to troubleshoot a problem with the existing one.
  • Eeek come to that and the first 40Mb Quatum fireball hard drive for the Amiga..

A command-line option or simply option modifies the operation of a command; the effect is determined by the command’s program. Options follow the command name on the command line, separated by spaces. A space before the first option is not always required, such as Dir/?

A Quick Guide to Using Command Line (Terminal)

While still in the test directory, remove the hope directory using the rmdir command. At the prompt, type rmdir sensapi.dll hope to remove the hope directory. Go back one directory to get back to the test directory using the cd.. Now, rename our dir2 directory to something else using the same rename command we used earlier. At the prompt, type rename dir2 hope to rename the directory to “hope.” After this command is completed, type dir and you see one directory called “hope.”

Rules for “dot-commands”, SQL and More

Note that the registry is not sufficient to describe SAPGUIs behaviour. There are still .ini files and some more locations in the file system where information is stored. By doing this, you’ve opened the Registry Editor of the user whose registry settings you want to change. Now you should learn how to use Registry Editor to load said user. In this registry, the user can now navigate every registry entry within the systems folders and sub-folders. After finding the entry, to be edited, right-click on its registry folder. A drop down menu of potential options will now appear.


When the user touches the screen with a special-purpose stylus that generates a magnetic field, sensors on the panel receive the electromagnetic energy and use it to sense the position of the pen. A major factor driving the spread of touch panels is the benefits they offer in the way of intuitive operation. Since they can be used for input through direct contact with icons and buttons, they’re easy to understand and easily used, even by people unaccustomed to using computers. Touch panels also contribute to miniaturization and simplification of devices by combining display and input into a single piece of equipment. Since touch panel buttons are software, not hardware, their interfaces are easily changed through software. In the past month-plus, I’ve used the Duo 2 for reading lots of books in the Kindle app, which takes advantage of the dual screens to provide a more book-like experience than any other device. I’ve managed my inbox and calendar at the same time; I’ve edited Google Docs while keeping up with a Slack conversation.

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